September 18, 2021

WOW! Accomplished DIY Project A+++++

I want to share this awesome find I came across while working on some extreme DIY home decor/furnishings projects to renew my house! After going stir crazy in the house during the pandemic, I noticed everything that needed to be fixed up, along with some things I wanted to fix up. I had a good idea in mind about what I wanted to get done first, I chose one of the toughest projects first-the floors. After researching for weeks, I ended up using as my main source of guidance, product, and inspiration. I decided to pay them back by spreading the word about the company along with sharing why I think you should choose them if you are ever looking to add and/or replace your flooring. They offer carpeting, vinyl flooring, outdoor decking, and hardwood flooring. Within their offered products, they have so many different choices to choose from, some familiar materials, some new (to me at least!) which made this an educational experience as well! Each flooring option comes with a quick description beside it making it easier to shop, if it isn’t what you are thinking of, just keep scrolling! VFSG is a company that brings a confident, passionate, and to the point mission statement- they love beautiful flooring and understand the stress that the renovation process can bring and their job in that is to provide the tools and customer service in a simple, yet effective way. Offering a no obligation floor plan quotation in response to a quick email or phone call! On top of that, all of their vinyl flooring comes with warranties of up to 25 years! Directly from their “about us” section on their website, you can submit your basic information for the no cost quote along with their contact details. They make it easy to do flooring by offering realistic pricing and peace of mind with guaranteed warranties. It is easy to contact them as their information is clearly stated on their easy to navigate website as well as short cuts to their social media accounts on Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, LinkedIn, and Instagram. Their business is not only available for residential projects, they also offer carpeting solutions for contractors, builders, for residential or commercial use. For my project, I needed hardwood flooring that will enhance the beauty of my living space and also long lasting. My entire house has hardwood flooring and this project was completed using their Balau hardwood flooring. The Balau has a lifespan of 16 years, has a beautiful dark hardwood coloring and cost almost half of what I had budgeted for…NO JOKE! I am so glad I took the time to research before purchasing from the first retailer that came to mind…it paid off in more ways than one! Definitely an A+ company!

Disturbing Trees and What You Can Do

All around the world, people plant trees that they like. Sometimes a person underestimates the growth of the tree, or the tree has gotten old, and its branches become a hazard to the public. If that is the case, Asheville tree removal has some tips for you.

First of all, you must keep your trees trimmed and neat year-round. Asheville tree removal is great at helping trees be maintained. Make sure to not let a tree get too big to the point where it becomes a nuisance to your neighbors. It is best to have the tree maintained.

For any dead trees, it is best to have them removed. Dry trees can catch fire with any spark. You would not want to have that tree during thunderstorms because, with one burst of lightning, the tree will catch fire and so can your house. Asheville tree removal makes sure that never happens and will be there for all your tree removal needs.

Lastly, trees can sometimes grow on their own without a need to be planted ever. Nature is responsible for the growth of thousands of trees each year thanks to the movement of seeds through rain or wind. These seeds get dispersed, and soon enough, you get a tree. Some trees grow faster than others, and some will grow a small bit each year. Always watch out for those trees that continue to reproduce without being planted. A tree removal service would be needed to come to remove the trees.Trees can make us happy or stressed. Trees have a lot of power. Dead trees look no good, and we must put the tree out of its misery and remove it. Asheville tree removal is a company that has what leaves your trees maintained so that you can be happy for years to come.

How to Register Telegram and Comparison with WhatsApp

Telegram is one of the most popular messaging applications in the world. In fact, this application includes the main competitors of WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger.

But, despite being a competitor of WhatsApp, Telegram’s popularity is still far behind compared to Facebook’s messaging application. Based on data published in March 2018, Telegram has 200 million active monthly users.

Though Telegram has several advantages when compared to WhatsApp. If you are looking for alternatives to WhatsApp and want to try Telegram, let’s continue to see how to register and use Telegram and its comparison with WhatsApp.

1. Download the Telegram Application

Telegram can be used on many platforms, ranging from the iPhone, Android, Windows, macOS, Chrome App and also the web version. But to be able to use Telegram on a PC or laptop, you must register a new account via the smartphone application.

You can download Telegram for free on the Google Play Store and Apple App Store. After the download is complete, open the application.

2. Register an Account

To create a new account at Telegram you only need to register the phone number you use. After that, Telegram will call you to make sure the number is active or not. But don’t accept the phone call.

After a few seconds, you will receive an SMS with a code from Telegram. Usually, this code will be filled in automatically, but if not you can fill it in manually.

3. Give Telegram Access Permission

After that, Telegram will ask permission to access some parts of the smartphone. You can give permission for all access requests, but you can also refuse some access requests that you feel are disturbing.

4. Done

The registration process for the new Telegram account is complete. After this, you can download the Telegram application for Windows, macOS, Chrome App, or just use the Telegram web client to log into your account.

Don’t forget to enable two-factor verification to make your account safer by going to the Settings menu, then clicking Privacy and Security and clicking Two-Step Verification.

5. Difference between Telegram and WhatsApp

Telegram and WhatsApp both offer messaging services with end-to-end encryption so they are not easily sneaked out by bad people. But, although both are quite safe, security and speed are the focus of Telegram.

In addition to privacy and security issues, there are still a few more things that distinguish Telegram and WhatsApp, including:

  • Can send files in large sizes. If you often send a large photo and video files, this Telegram feature is certainly an advantage. Because Telegram allows users to send various types of documents from smartphones or computers with sizes up to 1.5 GB. WhatsApp can also be used to send documents, but the maximum size is 100MB.
  • There is no video call feature yet. WhatsApp not only allows users to send text messages but also makes voice and video calls. Unfortunately, Telegram doesn’t support video call features like WhatsApp.
  • There is a Secret Chats feature. This is one of Telegram’s excellent features. Secret Chats not only allows you to send messages with end-to-end encryption but also messages that you send cannot be forwarded or screenshots.
  • Can delete messages automatically. Another excellent telegram feature that can guarantee the security of your message. If you don’t want the messages in the secret chats to be there forever, you can activate the timer to permanently delete the message. This timer can be set from one second to one week after the message is sent.
  • large group. Chatting in groups with friends is better. For those of you who have very many friends, Telegram allows you to create group chats with up to 200,000 members.
  • Free and without advertising. Telegram founder and CEO, Pavel Durov, ensures that the Telegram service will be free and without advertising forever. While WhatsApp is expected to start displaying ads on its platform, even though the service itself is still free.

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Tips for Safe Children Watch Netflix Videos

In addition to television, video streaming services are the choice of parents to enjoy entertainment with the baby. But because of a large amount of video content available, it is very important for parents to pay attention and sort out which ones are suitable for watching their family.

To increase control over access to entertainment shows that are appropriate for the age of the viewer, video streaming services have a mechanism. YouTube, for example, they have YouTube Kids. While Netflix has two mechanisms that can help parents to control and manage entertainment choices for families.

Profile of the audience

Netflix users can create two different types of profiles, adult and child profiles. Adult profiles have two levels, namely ‘All ages/adults’ and’ for teenagers and younger people.

Watching with adult material can only be accessed by profiles at the “all age/adult” level settings. While the level “for teens and younger” is limited to watching with ratings 13 years and under.

A child’s profile also has two levels, namely ‘for pre-teens and younger’ or ‘especially for children’. For parents who want their children not to watch shows that are filled with teenage romance or school fights for example, they can easily set the audience profile to a ‘child-only’ level.

Use of PIN

Similar to profile settings, a PIN can be used to limit access to content at four levels; small children (all ages), pre-teens (7 years and over), adolescents (13 years and above), and adults (16 years and above). An example of its use, if set at the teen level, the account user must enter a PIN to access adult viewing one level above. The following are the steps to set a PIN on Netflix.

The method is as follows:

  • You entered the “Adult” profile, move the cursor to the account photo. Then select the ‘Account’ menu in the upper right corner of the screen. This setting can only be accessed when you are on the “Adult” profile.
  • Second, scroll the page down and find the “Parental Control” menu in the “Settings” submenu.
  • Next, you will be asked to enter your Netflix account password. This is the password that is also used to log in to your account
  • Fourth, Netflix will ask you to create a Parental Control PIN code. Enter the four-digit numbers, then click the “Save” button.
  • Finally, all you have to do is move the green circle to set the rating limit for the movie you will lock with the Parental Control PIN.

In addition, the PIN can also be used to limit access to certain watch titles whose choices are below the rating limit. To do this, simply enter the title of the watch on the ‘Parental Control’ settings page. If it is set, anyone who wants to access the watch must enter the correct PIN first.

With the presence of these two content management features, users don’t have to worry and worry when enjoying various entertainment shows for families on Netflix.


3 Easy Ways to Download Songs on Smartphone

To get rid of boredom, everyone would want to listen to a song in between his busy schedule. Especially at this time many sites and music streaming applications that provide millions of songs that can be heard anytime and anywhere.

But, sometimes the internet connection is not always sufficient to listen to music through the music streaming application. So, one alternative is to download songs so they can listen offline.

Here are three easy ways to download songs on Android and iOS smartphones that we have summarized from various sources.

1. How to Download Songs on Spotify

Spotify is the most popular music streaming service in the world. This Swedish service is more than 200 million users worldwide. You can listen to songs for free on Spotify, but if you want to download them you have to pay a monthly subscription fee.

The trick is easy, install the Spotify application from the Google Play Store or Apple App Store. Before downloading a song, it’s good to set the quality of the song you want to download first. The trick is to click on the Settings icon on the top right, then scroll down to find the Music Quality option.

Select the quality you want in the Downloads section. The higher the quality of the song, the bigger the size.

Now to download a song, open the Search menu at the bottom center. Type the title of the song you want, then click the three-dot icon on the right side of the song title, then select the View Album option.

If the song you choose is single, you can download only one song. But if not, you have to download one album at a time. To download, just click the Download toggle on the top right and wait for the download to finish.

2. How to Download Songs on Apple Music

Apple Music is a competitor of Spotify made by Apple. Although made by an iPhone manufacturer, this application can also be enjoyed by Android smartphone users.

Apple Music services are actually paid and don’t have free tiers like Spotify. But, for new users, you can get free access for the first three months.

How to download songs on Apple Music is easy. Open the Music application on an iOS device or the Apple Music application on an Android device. Before downloading, you must add the desired song to the library first. To do this, find the song you want and click the + icon to add one song to the library.

To download a song, find the song you want in the library, then click the cloud icon nearby to download the song. For songs that have already been downloaded, there will be a checkmark next to them.

3. How to Download Songs on Joox

Joox is a music streaming service created by Chinese tech giant Tencent. Although not yet globalized like Spotify and Apple Music, this application is relatively popular in Asia.

The song collection is no less complete than the two applications above. To download songs in the Joox application just the easy way. First, install and open the Joox application on your smartphone. Then find the song you want in the search field.

Click the song, album or playlist that you want to download, and click the Download button. The song will be automatically downloaded and you can access it offline by going to the Profile and selecting Offline Songs.


4 Easy Steps to Secure Your Facebook Account

The existence of social media like Facebook makes it easier for users to always connect with friends and family. However, sometimes Facebook users do not realize how much data they have by social media that may be vulnerable to leak.

Since the outbreak of a user data leak scandal that also involved data analysis company Cambridge Analytica, Facebook has continued to prioritize the safety of its user data. Facebook also has several features that can be utilized by its users to secure their personal data.

Here are some tips and tricks that Facebook recommends to users to secure their data:

1. Perform regular security checks

Security Check will help the user to review and increase the security of the user’s account. Security Check has several functions, namely, removing Facebook accounts from applications and browsers that are no longer in use, getting notifications if someone wants to access user accounts from unknown devices, and learning how to protect user passwords.

2. Activate Facebook’s extra security features

The two-factor authentication feature is one of the industry’s best features in providing extra security for users of internet services. With this authentication method, each user wants to log into his account using a new device, Facebook will provide a notification or email containing a special code to complete the process of logging into Facebook.

Facebook users can enable two-factor authentication via the Security and Login Info section in Settings.

3. Review any applications that are connected to your account

Users who often use the “Login with Facebook” option to access other applications must periodically review applications that are connected with their Facebook account. This regular review will help users to ensure their Facebook account is only linked to applications that are trusted and used regularly.

To review applications that are linked to a Facebook account, users can visit the Application Settings page and Website. On this page, users can also delete applications that are no longer used.

4. Find out about your Activity Log

Activity Log is a Facebook feature that records all activities performed chronologically by users, starting with the most recent. Stored activities include posts that you like, posts that you comment on, friend requests you receive, places you visited or photos about you, and others.

It is recommended that users review their Activity Log regularly, so that if there is an activity that is considered suspicious it can be detected quickly. Users can find the Activity Log in the lower right corner of the cover photo.


Useful Tips When Using WhatsApp on a Computer

Using WhatsApp on a computer is not that difficult. But the following tips will help maximize the use of Facebook’s instant messaging service.

The presence of WhatsApp on a computer desktop does make it easier to communicate while working. Because we can read and send messages directly on a computer screen without having to hold a cellphone.

The following tips are quite useful so that using WhatsApp on the desktop is easier and more fun.


If you are in the very active WhatsApp group, hundreds of notifications of incoming messages will appear on the computer screen. If you do not want to be disturbed, we can deactivate it.

The way is to press the three-point icon in the WhatsApp application for Desktop, then select Settings. Press the Notification option, followed by unchecking Sound and Desktop Alerts.


Use emojis often, but feel lazy when I have to click the mouse. There is an easy way to use emojis directly from the keyboard.

Just type the colon before the word that describes the emoji. Example: smile, angry, cake, apple and: car. If there are several emojis that appear, we can choose to use the directional arrow keys, then press Enter to select it.

We can use emoticons like in SMS to display emojis. For example :-), 🙁 and :-).


WhatsApp on the desktop can be used without using a mouse. All navigation can be done easily via the keyboard.

One very useful button is the Tab. The first press will be sent to the search section. Press second to the chat list, third to the emoji icon, fourth to the message typing screen.

Text Format

Similarly, on mobile, we can use the text format on WhatsApp on the desktop, namely:

  • Hi * for Hi
  • _Hi_ for Hi
  • Hi to the Hi
  • ~ Hi ~ to Hi


You can also use keyboard shortcuts to perform a number of functions so you don’t need to use a mouse. Here are a number of shortcuts for the WhatsApp application on the desktop

  • Ctrl and N to create a new chat
  • Ctrl, Shift, and N create a new group
  • Ctrl, Shift, / switch between chats
  • Ctrl and E save the chat
  • Ctrl, Shift and M mute chat
  • Ctrl, Shift and U change status
  • Ctrl and Backspace / Del delete messages
  • Ctrl and P open the profile


Easy Ways to Make Your Android Phone Faster

No matter how expensive the Android device you buy, the longer it is used the potential speed will decrease. But we can outsmart in order to make faster performance.

There are several things you can do. Here are a number of tips and tricks to make Android phones continue to good performance even though they have long been used.

Use Files Go

This application made by Google will make it easier for us to organize and clean file storage slots on mobile. The simple design makes it easy for us to use it.

Files Go has two parts, Storage and Files. Tap Storage to see how much storage space on the phone is still available.

In this section, we are also given tips for making roomy storage space. In addition, we can easily clean cached data in the application.

Remove Sparsely Used Applications

A number of devices that do not run Android are often embedded with a number of applications made by mobile vendors. Though the application is rarely or even not used by users.

Unfortunately, not all of these applications can be removed. Even so, users can disable it. How to press Settings> Apps. Tap on an unknown application, then select Uninstall or Disable.

Do the same for applications that you install but are rarely used. Apart from the above methods, we can use Files Go to uninstall applications that are rarely used.

Use Light Application

If the phone that you are using is limited in RAM and internal memory, it is recommended to use a lightweight version of the application. Currently a number of developers have released a lite version of the application, for example, YouTube Go, Twitter Lite, Skype Lite, Facebook Lite, and others.

Install Update Immediately

If there is an operating system update recommended installing it immediately. Because these updates often bring a number of improvements to performance. To check, go to Settings> About Phone> System Update.

Avoid Live Wallpaper

Using Live Wallpaper is interesting, but it can make your phone slow down. It is recommended to use regular wallpaper.

Use Launcher

A number of vendor default launchers often slow down cellphone performance. Try replacing it with a lightweight launcher, for example, Google Now Launcher.

Set Background Application

Applications that run in the background tend to drain the battery. So it is advisable to routinely monitor telephone battery usage. The way is open Settings> Battery. If you see an abnormal application, press Force Stop.

Disable Bluetooth or Location

Disabling Bluetooth that is not being used will save battery life. Likewise, the location feature should not always be activated unless needed.

Battery Optimization

Most battery optimization applications tend to be less useful. In fact, you are bombarded with many advertisements. So we should just delete it.