October 23, 2021

Tips for Safe Children Watch Netflix Videos

In addition to television, video streaming services are the choice of parents to enjoy entertainment with the baby. But because of a large amount of video content available, it is very important for parents to pay attention and sort out which ones are suitable for watching their family.

To increase control over access to entertainment shows that are appropriate for the age of the viewer, video streaming services have a mechanism. YouTube, for example, they have YouTube Kids. While Netflix has two mechanisms that can help parents to control and manage entertainment choices for families.

Profile of the audience

Netflix users can create two different types of profiles, adult and child profiles. Adult profiles have two levels, namely ‘All ages/adults’ and’ for teenagers and younger people.

Watching with adult material can only be accessed by profiles at the “all age/adult” level settings. While the level “for teens and younger” is limited to watching with ratings 13 years and under.

A child’s profile also has two levels, namely ‘for pre-teens and younger’ or ‘especially for children’. For parents who want their children not to watch shows that are filled with teenage romance or school fights for example, they can easily set the audience profile to a ‘child-only’ level.

Use of PIN

Similar to profile settings, a PIN can be used to limit access to content at four levels; small children (all ages), pre-teens (7 years and over), adolescents (13 years and above), and adults (16 years and above). An example of its use, if set at the teen level, the account user must enter a PIN to access adult viewing one level above. The following are the steps to set a PIN on Netflix.

The method is as follows:

  • You entered the “Adult” profile, move the cursor to the account photo. Then select the ‘Account’ menu in the upper right corner of the screen. This setting can only be accessed when you are on the “Adult” profile.
  • Second, scroll the page down and find the “Parental Control” menu in the “Settings” submenu.
  • Next, you will be asked to enter your Netflix account password. This is the password that is also used to log in to your account
  • Fourth, Netflix will ask you to create a Parental Control PIN code. Enter the four-digit numbers, then click the “Save” button.
  • Finally, all you have to do is move the green circle to set the rating limit for the movie you will lock with the Parental Control PIN.

In addition, the PIN can also be used to limit access to certain watch titles whose choices are below the rating limit. To do this, simply enter the title of the watch on the ‘Parental Control’ settings page. If it is set, anyone who wants to access the watch must enter the correct PIN first.

With the presence of these two content management features, users don’t have to worry and worry when enjoying various entertainment shows for families on Netflix.