October 26, 2021

Useful Tips When Using WhatsApp on a Computer

Using WhatsApp on a computer is not that difficult. But the following tips will help maximize the use of Facebook’s instant messaging service.

The presence of WhatsApp on a computer desktop does make it easier to communicate while working. Because we can read and send messages directly on a computer screen without having to hold a cellphone.

The following tips are quite useful so that using WhatsApp on the desktop is easier and more fun.


If you are in the very active WhatsApp group, hundreds of notifications of incoming messages will appear on the computer screen. If you do not want to be disturbed, we can deactivate it.

The way is to press the three-point icon in the WhatsApp application for Desktop, then select Settings. Press the Notification option, followed by unchecking Sound and Desktop Alerts.


Use emojis often, but feel lazy when I have to click the mouse. There is an easy way to use emojis directly from the keyboard.

Just type the colon before the word that describes the emoji. Example: smile, angry, cake, apple and: car. If there are several emojis that appear, we can choose to use the directional arrow keys, then press Enter to select it.

We can use emoticons like in SMS to display emojis. For example :-), 🙁 and :-).


WhatsApp on the desktop can be used without using a mouse. All navigation can be done easily via the keyboard.

One very useful button is the Tab. The first press will be sent to the search section. Press second to the chat list, third to the emoji icon, fourth to the message typing screen.

Text Format

Similarly, on mobile, we can use the text format on WhatsApp on the desktop, namely:

  • Hi * for Hi
  • _Hi_ for Hi
  • Hi to the Hi
  • ~ Hi ~ to Hi


You can also use keyboard shortcuts to perform a number of functions so you don’t need to use a mouse. Here are a number of shortcuts for the WhatsApp application on the desktop

  • Ctrl and N to create a new chat
  • Ctrl, Shift, and N create a new group
  • Ctrl, Shift, / switch between chats
  • Ctrl and E save the chat
  • Ctrl, Shift and M mute chat
  • Ctrl, Shift and U change status
  • Ctrl and Backspace / Del delete messages
  • Ctrl and P open the profile